Torpedo Food Processor

Versatile, quick and easy to use. With three tools for different purposes:

  1. Beaters: to prepare dressings, mayonnaise, salsas, omlettes, milkshakes, baby foods or whip heavy cream. The funnel shaped upper hole allows you to pour liquids directly into the translucent container without removing the lid.
  2. Spinning basket: to dry small salads or vegetables.
  3. Extra sharp blades: to chop or slice vegetables, fruits, nuts or shred salads.
  • The anti slip ring helps to secure the item to the working surface while operating it.
  • To ensure best performance do not overfill the bowl.
  • Wash by hand with sponge and soap. Dishwashers are not recommended.
  • Carefully assemble and operate the cutters: they are extremely sharp.

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